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Jubilee Pantry:

Soon after opening in 1979, we started the Pantry to provide food security to residents of the Hill District and Polish Hill (15219 zip code). The pantry is housed on Polish Hill at 3103 Brereton St., Pittsburgh, PA 15219. ( for more information call Jubilee Food Pantry at (412) 261-5417).

  • We provide twice a month a variety of groceries to supplement the family diet in a balanced way.  About 135 households belong to our “food club.”
  • Walk-ins come twice a month. On alternate weeks, we also deliver groceries to over area 70 shut-ins.
  • Rather than just providing emergency help, we want our families to know that our help can rely on twice a month.
  • Collaboration – Working closely with Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, we leverage contributions from funds raised to purchase far more food than what the amount would buy in a regular grocery.

Jubilee Clothing Room

  • Clothing Room Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.

Dollar Energy Program:

  • Clients can apply for Dollar Energy when the program is in session.

Preventing Homelessness:

Providing counseling and one-time economic help to qualifying households facing homelessness due to eviction or shut-off notices:

  • Gives the working poor and disabled hope in a time of crisis
  • Offers money management counseling, training for effectively seeking a better job (skills in resume writing, interview skills, etc.), job leads, and referrals to other agencies for meeting needs beyond what Jubilee can offer
  • Provides a one-time financial rent or utility payment to qualifying applicants who fulfilled specific criteria needed for long-term sustainability
  • Empowering them to look for a better job or a part-time job to go along with their (SSI or SSD) and manage their income more effectively through budgeting.  We do not provide Security Deposits or First Month Rent.

Jubilee Social Services:

Over the years, Jubilee discovered new needs from our guests.  We help with clothing; furniture; toiletries; hygienic goods; emergency food help in time of crisis and referrals for other needs not available at Jubilee

  • Showers are available here at Jubilee Soup Kitchen – Monday through Friday from 10 am-12 pm. Please see Kitchen Manager
  • Help in completing an application for Food Stamps provided by the Department of Welfare; Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.

We do not pressure guests to change their ways, but when we discover a readiness to move from destitution to the arduous path toward self-sufficiency, we give moral support and any other help that we can.

Job Corner:

Jobs are posted in the Kitchen that might be of interest to our guests.  Most of the jobs are for low-level skill, part-time or seasonal.

John Heinz Child Development Center:

Serving our youth with kindness and compassion since 1992.  Preventing children from falling into the downward spiral of poverty, the Center provides affordable, educational day-care to empower children (aged 1-5) for success in school.

  • Empowers children to be ready to thrive at school intellectually, socially, emotionally
  • Is a multi-cultural setting where differences are honored and multiple languages taught
  • Provides an age-appropriate stimulus for maximum brain development through educational activities, art, and music
  • Empowers parents to assist in the educational development of their children
  • Provides scholarships for those not eligible for government subsidies, thus allowing families to make economic headway, despite low-paying jobs
  • Aids parents in time of special need with Jubilee’s other services

Child Development Center Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm – for more information about the Child Development Center please contact us at: (412) 261-0373, ext. 1